From Seed to Cup: Quality Guaranteed, Every Step of the Way

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From Seed to Cup: Quality Guaranteed, Every Step of the Way

Native Root and the community have been working with and not against the natural landscape for generations. It’s part of our genetic makeup. Working in harmony with the natural world is all we know. It’s who we are.

You’ll often hear of “stakeholders”, and while some may view humans as the ultimate stakeholders, we see the land as the true stakeholder and we wouldn’t alter it in any way that would bring harm to it. We approach our coffee in that same manner. Rest assured, that from the time our coffee is planted to that very first sip, you can expect a quality and richness that can only come from those that know, love and care for the land. That is Native Root.

We hold a deep respect for our Indigenous heritage and that very much plays a major part in how we care for the land. From the time our coffee plants are in their infancy in the nursery to when they begin to flower and ultimately begin to produce fruit, right up until the time of harvest, each step is approached with meticulous care, love and respect for the land. We rest assured that you’ll be able to notice that love and care in all of our coffees.

We at Native Root utilize our ancestral growing practices and combine them with innovating technologies from the agronomy sciences, bridging the two worlds, that of ancient tradition and modern technology. Our fertilizers are non harmful to the landscape as we see not just the coffee plants but a much larger ecosystem, one of coffee plants, larger plants providing an integral role in the form of shade, birds, mammals, bees, each living being having its own role in the ecosystem, a balance that can only be obtained in nature.

We hope you'll, too, be able to feel connected to our ancestral lands as you enjoy the best quality coffee from Tierradentro, Cauca, Colombia. A land teeming with life, from tropical fruits and beans to birds and mammals, we invite you to join us in celebrating the diverse flora and fauna of the unique ecosystem, knowing that your coffee has come from such a rich landscape and loving hands.