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Not a quick caffeine kick

Our specialty Colombian coffee is produced by Nasa indigenous farmers, ranks in the top 5% in the world in quality, and is fully sustainable.

  • Indigenous farmers

    We pay our farmers 10% more than market value and trace each bean back to the people that produced it. Not only do we pay our farmers 10% more than market value, but we also have a floor price around $2.20 per pound.

  • 3x hand selected

    Our coffee is in the top 5% in the world in terms of quality. We hand select our beans 3 separate times, and the process is fully sustainable.

  • Champion Roaster

    All our coffee is roasted by the 2021 Latin American roasting champion, Mario Prieto, who exudes passion for his craft.

We all crave connection

We want to help you be more mindful. Whether you use our coffee to warm up a conversation with your significant other, or as the perfect start to your day, our coffee is made to help you find a deeper connection.

Our story

Honoring our farmers

Yes, we pay them 10% more... But that's not where we stop. For many coffee farmers, it's about more than money. It's about dignity and pride in work. That's why their faces are the face of Native Root. By telling their stories, geo-sourcing our beans, and naming the Nasa reservations where they live, we seek to uplift and empower these incredible people - through pay and through pride.

Our Story

Enjoy the fruits of their labor

We aren't here to overstate how hard these famers work. However, our farmers want you to know that they are proud of the coffee they produce. They want you to be curious about the process and understand that they hold themselves to higher quality standards no matter how much adversity they may face.

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What our community is saying

  • "Blown Away"

    This was my first time trying Native Root coffee and I was absolutely blown away by how good it is! High quality and delicious! I had high expectations and this coffee did not disappoint. I also love that they have such strong relationships with their farmers. The ethical dilemma of coffee is a serious issue and I love to see companies that are passionate about supporting their farmers and ensuring they get the money and resources they rightfully deserve. Love it!

    - Kristina R.

    Tabi Yellow Honey 
  • "BUY MORE."

    I don't consider myself a coffee snob nor a connoisseur BUT this is the smoothest coffee I have ever had. Great tasting... BUY MORE. It's worth the extra cost!

    - Dan Saskowski

    Elder Stone 
  • "I look forward to making it"

    Coffee is my favorite treat to enjoy in the morning. I wouldn’t be able to start my day without it! I believe that your cup of coffee in the morning needs to taste great and hit the spot. I received the Tabi Yellow Honey coffee as a wedding present and I have to say... best coffee I have had in a while! It is the kind of coffee I look forward to waking up and making. I find myself making a second cup just enjoy the taste even longer. Highly recommend this coffee brand! You will NOT be disappointed one bit.

    - Kaci Davis

    Tabi Yellow Honey 
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Fully sustainable process

Sustainability goes so much deeper than being "eco-friendly". Here are the pillars of sustainability we focus on to make a wholistically healthy business.

  • Environmentally

    The Nasa Indigenous people have a belief that "the land takes care of them, so they should take care of it". From reusing our cherry pulp as fertilizer for the trees to reusing parchment paper as firestarter to dry the beans, we always consider our impact on the environment.

  • Economically

    Not only do we pay our farmers 10% more than market value, but we also have a floor price around $2.20 per pound. This not only helps keep our farmers happy, but gives them a sense of security in the unpredictable world of coffee farming.

  • Socially

    We form real relationships with our farmers and our roaster, Mario. We participate in the production at every stage, and we listen to our farmers and tell their stories. We believe that forming strong relationships is key for building trust in one another.