Our story

Our story

Native Root is a specialty coffee producer and exporter company founded in 2017. The company was founded by Ervin Liz who is a third-generation coffee farmer and Nasa indigenous. In 2021, Native Root became a family business consisting of four women and three men. We are proud to be a company made up predominantly of women. All our coffee is grown, harvested and processed with a lot of love and dedication in ancestral lands of Cauca. For three generations we have worked to have high quality coffees adhering to the traditions of our grandparents. It is a legacy of years of work, wisdom and pride that we bring to you today connecting you with our native roots.


2017. Colombian Coffee Connection is founded with the support of Jon and Tara.

2021. Re-branding and birth of Native Root Coffee with the support of Ben, Braden and Travis.

2021 - present. Jackie and Julieth introduce a more technical approach to fermentation practices and quantitative data collection, all the while still very much in congruence with ancestral farming traditions and a deep respect for their indigenous heritage. 

Natural process

2023 - Honey process. We won 4th place in the GrainPro story telling contest at the PRF Medellin September 2023.

We are a Nasa indigenous company
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