Water edition: decaf

35.000 COP

Water edition: decaf

35.000 COP
Only 10 units of this product remain

This delicious coffee grown in the department of Huila was decaffeinated using the sugar cane method. The person responsible for this jewel of a coffee is our friend William with whom we have been working hand in hand for years. We are proud to present to you a coffee that not only defies the status quo but does it with a lot of flavor and style. We recommend this product for people who love coffee but cannot consume caffeine due to taste or health problems. We also recommend it for people who like to try different and very interesting things. As we tasted this delicious coffee the flavor notes reminded us of caramel with a soft, silky body and low acidity.

Additional information

Shade grown

Direct and ethical trade

Roast type: medium

Grown at altitude: 1800 meters above sea level

340 grams (12 oz)

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