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Ember River

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Medium-dark roast

12oz bag | 30 cups of coffee

Creamy body with citric acidity and notes of hazelnut, red fruits (cherry), and raw sugar cane. Ember River is a delicious coffee born of fire. The soil that yields its fruit is rich with fertile ash from regional volcanos, some of which are still active.

Preparation Ratios

We recommend using these coffee-to-water-ratios for an optimal brew:

Pour over - 1:13

Coffee Pot - 1:14


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Return policy

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  • Flavor Notes

    Hazelnut, Cherry, Red Fruits, Raw Sugar Cane

  • FASL


  • Process


  • Varietal


Who is this coffee for?

This coffee is for someone who likes a bolder taste. Ember River is one of our darker coffees. It has strong flavor notes of cherry with an aftertaste of hazelnut. If you love your dark roast, our Ember River may be your new favorite coffee.

The story behind Ember River

Grown next to the Paez river canyon and atop a natural stone wall (meseta) this coffee receives all of the benefits of a rich volcanic soil. Grown at different altitudes this coffee balances delicate flavor notes with a strong body. Until this year, Native Root has not sold coffees from this region. That's because the area is often plagued by political violence between guerrilla fighters and Colombia's army. That makes it difficult and unsafe to get to this region and do business there.

Starting in 2021, we have taken additional precautions, promising our allied farmers to bring their product up to a more secure town. There we can receive and process the raw material before shipping it to Bogota. That's where it gets roasted, packaged, and delivered to our customers. The farmers who grow this coffee are Nasa Natives from the Pillamu reservation. Their names are Otoniel Jipiz father and Otoniel Junior, Blanca and Rey Achicue, and Alirio Achicue.

Where this coffee has been

Harvested in Pillamu Reservation

Roasted in Bogotá, Colombia

Shipped in small batches to our warehouse in Chicago, IL

Meet the farmers

Not for the drive-thru

Our specialty Colombian coffee is produced by Nasa indigenous farmers, ranks in the top 5% in the world in quality, and is fully sustainable.

  • Indigenous Farmers

    We pay our farmers 10% more than market value and trace each bean back to the people that produced it.

  • 3x hand picked

    Our coffee is in the top 5% in the world in terms of quality. We hand select our beans 3 separate times, and the process is fully sustainable.

  • Champion Roaster

    All our coffee is roasted by the 2021 Latin American roasting champion, Mario Prieto, who exudes passion for his craft.

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