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Bourbon Yellow Honey

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Medium-light roast

12oz bag | 30 cups of coffee

Delicate body with juicy, citrus acidity. Notes of vanilla, almonds, coffee flowers, and jasmine. Aftertaste of blueberries and amaretto liquor. The Bourbon varietal yields fewer cherries, and the fermentation process brings out the flavors of the sugars, resulting in new, non-traditional tastes.

Preparation Ratios

We recommend using these coffee-to-water-ratios for an optimal brew:

Pour over - 1:14

Coffee Pot - 1:15


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Return policy

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  • Flavor Notes

    Vanilla, Almonds, Coffee flowers, Jasmine

  • FASL


  • Process

    Honey, 80 hr anaerobic fermentation

  • Varietal

    Bourbon, Single-farm

Who is this coffee for?

If you are looking for a unique flavor and a coffee that tastes earthier, you will love Bourbon Yellow Honey! Bourbon is one of our medium-light limited-edition coffees, and undergoes a unique fermentation process of 80 hours during processing that helps reduce some of the acidity and bring out unique flavor notes.

The story behind Bourbon Yellow Honey

Back in 2010, Ana and Isidro Liz had grown tired of the hard work of farming coffee in exchange for little pay. They decided to cut down all their trees. From then until 2017, they planted grass and opted for raising cattle instead of producing coffee. When our Founder Ervin Liz began this company in 2017, his goal was to improve pay. With new hope, his parents decided to switch back again to coffee. Before planting any of their trees, however, they researched the different varietals and opted for Yellow Tabi and Bourbon, which promised moderate yields but higher overall flavor quality.

In 2018, the Liz family planted the first seedlings. In early 2021, they harvested the first cherries. As soon as they collected enough beans, they had the coffee assessed by a cupping master receiving 86 SCA points for the Tabi and 87 SCA points for the Bourbon. This means the coffee is a superior specialty. Ana and Isidro were delighted. Today they continue to produce this amazing coffee and improve their processing to attain even higher cupping scores.

Where this coffee has been

Harvested in Togoima Reservation

Roasted in Bogotá, Colombia

Shipped in small batches to our warehouse in Chicago, IL

Meet the farmers

Not for the drive-thru

Our specialty Colombian coffee is produced by Nasa indigenous farmers, ranks in the top 5% in the world in quality, and is fully sustainable.

  • Indigenous Farmers

    We pay our farmers 10% more than market value and trace each bean back to the people that produced it.

  • 3x hand picked

    Our coffee is in the top 5% in the world in terms of quality. We hand select our beans 3 separate times, and the process is fully sustainable.

  • Champion Roaster

    All our coffee is roasted by the 2021 Latin American roasting champion, Mario Prieto, who exudes passion for his craft.

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