Hugo Nez

Hugo Nez

Hugo Nez is a second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmer from the Togoima Reservation. He has been farming for over 30 years, growing caturra and Colombia varietals on his farm. His farm is located below a massive cliff on a very steep hill. The area is in fact a medium-risk zone because of the boulders that fall off of the cliff. He eventually had to relocate his home to a safer area. Hugo is a very dedicated farmer, but he doesn't like to be pictured or interviewed. The most important thing for him is getting paid well for his amazing coffee – that is the most respectful thing to do in his opinion. We share his thoughts. We pay 10% more on average than the market price as as a way to show our respect and value to our farmers.


His Story

Hugo is a very serious person, but in his heart, he has a lot of love and joy for the product he's able to produce. Although he doesn't speak much, his coffee speaks for itself, telling of the time and effort Hugo puts into making a top-quality product.


Hugo's coffee is grown in the Togoima indigenous reservation


All I ask for are fair prices and that my work is valued. Everything else is secondary.

- Hugo Nez

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