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Dilmer & Luz Muchicon

For us the most important thing is to treat the coffee with respect and higiene just as any other human consumption product deserves.
- Dilmer & Luz Muchicon

Dilmer and Luz Dary are second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmers from the Togoima Reservation. They have been farming for over 12 years, growing caturra, Colombia and castillo varietals on their farm. Along with coffee, they grow fruits, like bananas, and shade trees on their farm. Dilmer and Luz have four children, and their current goals are to improve their production and post-harvest processes to get higher cupping scores and thus improve the prices they receive for their coffee.



Their Story

Their coffee was one of the first that we had in our inventory. For about two years however, we were not able to get their coffee as they had cut down the old trees. This year, 2021, we were able to bring back their coffee, which now contributes to the Elder Stone blend.


Dilmer & Luz's coffee is grown in  the Togoima indigenous reservation

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