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Ana & Isidro Liz

Even if our clients don't see the behind the scenes, we have to do our best to ensure they get the quality they want and pay for.

- Ana & Isidro Liz


Ana and Isidro Liz are second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmers from the Togoima Reservation. They have been farming for over 40 years, growing caturra, colombia, tabi, borbon and maragogipe varietals on their farm. Along with coffee, they grow a lot of fruits and hardwood trees as well as bamboo. Ana and Isidro have five adult children, and their current goals are to improve their processes, working toward producing international award-winning coffees.


Their Story

In 2010 Ana and Isidro decided to cut down all their coffee trees because of the low prices. In 2017 when Ervin Liz and Jon Baklund founded the Colombian Coffee Connection (the previous name of Native Root) Ana and Isidro decided to plant back new coffee trees to provide top of the line beans for the company. This is how they now produce our limited edition coffees the caturra white honey, tabi yellow honey and bourbon yellow honey.


Ana & Isidro's coffee is grown in the Togoima indigenous reservation


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