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Alirio Achicue

What an amazing project! I would be honored to have my coffee go directly to the consumer. This has been my dream.

- Alirio Achicue


Alirio Achicue is a second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmer from the Pillamu Reservation as well as a construction worker. He has been farming for over 10 years, growing caturra and castillo varietals on his farm. He also grows a few shade trees. We met Alirio when he was leading a construction project on our property, and he got very interested in our direct-to-consumer business model. He immediately wanted to work with us. He is currently working to improve his coffee quality and building a new drying facility to provide us with the best of his harvest. We are grateful to have Alirio as one of our allied farmers, and we are super excited to have his coffee in our inventory late in the fall of 2021.



His Story

Alirio was working on a construction project on our property when he learned about Native Root. He decided that all his coffee was going to be sold via our company. He's now training and building infrastructure to add high-quality coffees to Native Root's collection.


Alirio's coffee is grown in the Pillamu indigenous reservation

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