New Slow Drying Coffee Beds

28 | 01 | 2020
New Slow Drying Coffee Beds

This month we completed our new slow-drying coffee beds which have a total capacity of 1 ton per month. These new beds are designed to dry coffee over a period of 20 to 30 days. The key components, are a shaded roof, no walls, and a wide-open space to let plenty of air come in. 

Isidro L stirring the coffee to allow it to dry evenly

The coffee is dried with the slow heat from the roof and high air circulation between the coffee beans. The surface of the beds is made with a screen-like material, that holds the beans on top but allows air to circulate from bottom to top. The roof is made with a thick polymer, that lets only about 30% of the sunlight go through. 

Average temperatures inside the drying facility are 45° on the top beds, and 30° on the lower beds. This project comes in very timely for the new harvest of yellow bourbon, tabi, and yellow Colombia that is happening this month. These are very exciting coffees! On previous trials, the yellow bourbon showed strong flavor notes of banana and peach and the tabi delicious notes of condensed milk and citrus. We are very excited and looking forward to sharing the results from our labor in the next month. 

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