William Nez

William Nez

William Nez is a third-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmer from the Togoima Reservation. He has been farming for over eight years, growing caturra, castillo, and Colombia varietals on his farm. His farm is located below a massive cliff on a very steep hill. The area is in fact a medium-risk zone because of the boulders that fall off of the cliff. He eventually had to relocate his home to a safer area. William grew up without parents and went to primary school with our founder, Ervin Liz. From an early age, William was a very hard working kid. He grew up to be a man dedicated to his family and to producing amazing coffees.



His Story

Our founder Ervin Liz and William Nez went to the same school. They were even in the same class up to the end of primary school.


William's coffee is grown in the Togoima indigenous reservation

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