Otoniel Jipiz Sr. and Otoniel Jipiz Jr.

Otoniel Jipiz Sr. and Otoniel Jipiz Jr.

Otoniel Jipiz and his son, whose name is the same as his father's, are second- and third-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmers from the Pillamu Reservation. They have been farming for over 30 years, growing caturra and Colombia varietals on their farm. Their farm is located very high up in the mountains on top of a naturally-occurring stone wall. On top of this wall, there is a meseta-like formation, or a semi flat area, which is where they grow their coffee. This area is located at over 6500 feet above sea level, which makes the weather rather cold. Along with the coffee, they grow fruits from colder regions like tamarillo and uchuvas (local cherry-like fruits that grow on vines).



Their Story

Otoniel (father) and Otoniel (son) have been friends with the Liz family for a long time. Although they are not neighbors, they attend social activities together and have a very strong relationship. Because they live far away, we hadn't had their coffees in inventory. This year however, and in order to add new and exciting coffees, we went the extra mile and took extra efforts to include their incredible produce. Today, their coffees are part of the Ember River blend.


Otoniel Junior and Seniors' coffee is grown in Pillamu indigenous reservation

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