Edith Nez

Edith Nez

Edith Nez is a second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmer from the Togoima Reservation. She has been farming for over 20 years, growing caturra, Colombia, and castillo varietals on her farm. She also grows citrus trees, shade trees, and avocados. Edith and her sons have had to take care of the family farm since she lost her husband. She has done a great job keeping up the quality and taking care of the crops. As with every other farmer, she is interested in getting a better pay for her quality beans.



Her Story

Edith and her children have been taking care of their family farm for over 10 years. Before that, she partnered with her husband. Unfortunately, he has since passed away. Even through major adversity, Edith has managed to continue the legacy of producing amazing coffees.


Edith's coffee is grown in the Togoima indigenous reservation

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