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Blanca & Rey Achicue

Blanca and Rey Achicue are second-generation Nasa indigenous coffee farmers from the Pillamu Reservation. They have been farming for over 10 years, growing caturra and Colombia varietals on their farm. Their farm is located right next to the Paez River canyon on an area under the influence of the Nevado del Huila, an active volcano and the tallest peak in Colombia at over 17,000 feet high. Along with the coffee, they grow fruits, bananas, plantains, and avocados. The money collected from the farm is used to take care of the family, especially paying for the education of their two young children.


Their Story

Blanca and Rey work in their local town, but they have always also had a passion for growing coffee. On the weekdays, they go into town while workers take care of the farm. On the weekends, Blanca and Rey take care of the farm themselves. The passion and work they put into their farm translates into amazing coffees.


Blanca and Rey's coffee is grown in the Pillamu indigenous reservation


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